Plant Growth Regulator

Ethephon 480g/L SL

Target: Ethephon is used as an agricultural plant growth regulator. Ethephon is a high quality and effective plant growth regulator, which can promote fruit ripening, stimulate bleeding and regulate gender transformation. Commonly used in cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin and other melons to promote female flower differentiation; tomatoes, watermelon, bananas and other fruit ripening, and other products.

Gibberrellic acid / GA3

Action Object: it can promote the growth and development of crops, make them mature earlier, improve yield and quality, break the dormancy of seeds, tubers and bulbs quickly, and promote germination It can reduce the shedding of buds, flowers, bolls and fruits, increase the fruit bearing rate or form seedless fruits. It can be used for cucumber, watermelon, celery, potatoes, rice, chrysanthemum, citrus and other crops. Application Method and dosage: leaf spray, 4-100mg/kg (according to different crops) .


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